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IMAGE: Thomas Cook cabin manager schools the Internet on beauty tips. (Image courtesy YouTube/Thomas Cook Airlines)

The air is dry, the cabin is crowded and we have little bits of peanut all over our shirt — yep, it’s hard to stay gorgeous while flying.

Thankfully, we have a chance to meet Nick who is nice enough to share some wisdom with us all via Thomas Cook Airline’s YouTube channel. Nick is a cabin manager and has nearly 20 years experience, boarding countless flights and managing to not look as if she has boarded countless flights.

As we all know, airline travel has a way of taking us down a few notches on the ego meter.

Essentially, taking a flight means you will dry out faster than that one guy who picked the wrong goblet in “Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.” However, you don’t have to wither into a pile of dust and bones the minute you step off the plane. Nick comes armed with basic advice that will go a long way to maintaining that healthy glow you had when you boarded.  

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As the airline’s blog spells out, there are six crucial steps: moisturize, apply a bronzer, use a dry shampoo, spritz as if there is no tomorrow, use so much lip gloss that other passengers become worried and drink copious amounts of water.

While we have typically replaced that last step with whiskey, we can now see how the confines of an airplane’s cabin can easily dehydrate you. So, the most important tip to not only looking but feeling beautiful is to drink plenty of water.

Then you will, without a doubt, step off the plane to a chorus of applause and adulation.

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