'I can't imagine how it must be for couples who do proper shift work' – Louise Duffy on marriage to Paul Galvin – Independent.ie

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After nearly six years together and two years of marriage, the Today FM broadcaster and GAA star/fashion designer know how to make their relationship not only work, but thrive. While it might be a nightmare idea to some to not have the 9 to 5 stability of scheduling, this Irish celebrity couple know the importance of making time for one another, no matter how busy their calendars are.

Louise is on the airwaves from 7 to 9pm, while Galvin is playing club football, and both have a myriad side projects that keep them occupied: for Paul, it’s his successful eponymous menswear line with Dunnes Stores and Louise, her fashion website Women’s Wear Story.

“We are both busy. We make up for lost time at the weekends and we have breakfast together during the week whenever we can. I can’t imagine how it must be for couples who work proper shift work and weekends. We just make it work for us,” she told RSVP Magazine.

And they make sure to prioritise time together whenever they have a moment spare.

“I love getting home to mayo and heading down to Kerry with Paul. A lot of our friends are starting to move home from Australia and Dubai or wherever they might be and there seems to be a lot on with people coming and going,” she added. “I try to make weekends as special as possible and do something with Paul, even if it is just a walk in Killiney or going for lunch.”

The 33-year-old also fondly remembered the early days of her romance with Galvin and they were together for several months before the gossip columns got wind of it, largely due to their antisocial schedules.

“I was working on the early shift on Today FM, where I was getting up at 4am, and Paul was still playing football for Kerry so there weren’t too many nights out,” she said. “We had a nice and relaxing approach to the beginning of our relationship – it was all about just spending time together.

“I think a good relationship gets better and better as time goes on and I became more impressed with Paul the longer we were together. I don’t think there was any big moment, I just thought he was a fabulous guy.”

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