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In honour of the sixth anniversary of As It Is’ first ever live show, we take a look back at the band’s history through their music videos.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve only had As It Is in our lives for six years. Today they took to twitter to reminisce, and reflect on how far they’ve come.

So because we’re feeling all proud of them, we thought we’d take a look at just how far they’ve come through the history of their music videos! 

2013 – ‘Upswing’  

This live video, filmed in black and white, was the first music video we ever saw from the band. From this early on, you can really see something big and important building.

2014 – ‘Can’t Save Myself’

An energetic performance, coupled with a narrative about the cutest little kid in the world, being an adult? Yeah. Count us in. Bonus points for the sick synchronised punk jumps.

2015 – ‘Dial Tones’
There’s so much to love about this video that we barely know where to start. It’s just so aesthetically pleasing. Just watch it for yourself.

2015 – ‘Cheap Shots And Setbacks’
This dystopian sci-fi drama packs all the punch of a feature-legth film, and all in the space of under three minutes! 

2015 – ‘Speak Soft’
Punk jumps. On the beach. That is all.

2016 – ‘Winter’s Weather’
The cinematic juxtaposition between their swish suits, and the live performance shots make this video what it is. 

2016 – ‘Pretty Little Distance’
This looks like the coolest school dance ever. Anyone else remember just having an average DJ? Where were As It Is at our school dances?!

2016 – ‘Okay’
Often forgotten and overlooked, this one gets a mention because it’s still a video even though it doesn’t feature the boys. And also because ‘Okay’ is a banger.

2017 – ‘Hey Rachel’
A touching video, featuring some pretty super cute footage of frontman Patty Walters as a toddler. Not to pick favourites, but this would be a favourite video if we were. 

2017 – ‘No Way Out’
This video rounded out the ‘Okay.’ era so perfectly. It dials in to the harder side of As It Is, and is a great closed the chapter on the 50s-inspired ‘Okay.’ in just the right way.

2018 – ‘The Wounded World’ 
The new era for As It Is is off to an absolute flyer with ‘The Wounded World’. This is only the first video from their upcoming album ‘The Great Depression’, but we already can’t wait to see more.

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